To have a complete mental and physical breakdown as a result of someone's jackassery or assholery.
When I mentioned I wanted to become a woman, my girlfriend totally lost her shit.

Good grief, if you kids don't stop with this jackassery, I'm going to lose my shit!
by groovygrrl October 13, 2004
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Verb. To become so overwhelmed with excitement or euphoria that a person literally shits themselves, often without realising or caring.
To lose one's shit:

"You should have seen him - he was so happy with the result that he lost his shit!"

"Her crush made eye contact with her and smiled, and she lost her shit."
by Sakura44 April 7, 2016
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To lose control of one's behaviour, to the point of verbal and/or physical aggression.
We've had to deal with quarantine protocols for a week and all residents have had to remain in their suites with no visitors. Some of the residents that have more advanced Dementia are losing their shit. They're becoming physically aggressive. But to lose one's shit comes more easily with quarantine than one would otherwise think
by chrisssy226 October 25, 2020
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"To lose one's shit" has a very similar meaning as "to lose one's mind" Except your mind is brown, ugly, smelly, often watery, and is being dropped in, and clogging toilets at an alarming rate, as we speak.
To lose one's shit, can be used in this
Guy: Was Kanye on grass when he wrote "Lift Yourself"?!
Guy 2: Fo' sheezy nigga, he lost his shit.
by Vulcan Shoryuken December 22, 2018
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