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an abnormally curved lower spine, creating the sometimes beautiful sometimes tragic shelf-ass. The donkey, donk, ba-donk-a-donk.
Lordosis! I could set down my beer on that ass and she wouldn't spill a drop all day!
by radarone July 24, 2008
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ready to accept the penis (excessive curvature in the lumbar portion of the spine)
that chick's in lordosis
by fkr July 30, 2003
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Abnormal curvature of the back. Often mistaken as a person "being full of themselves"
"Wow, Paul Elhers is full of himself"
"Doesn't he just have lordosis?
by Rinzie November 16, 2010
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Lordosis is a basketball term for when the player shoots the ball from under the basket, contorting their spine in spectacular fashion so as to score. The term originally described the change in spinal shape typically found in pregnant women, but since the word has the word "lord" in it, using the term implies that the player who scored the basket possessed - if only for a moment - divine finesse.
Did you see how tony made that hook shot!? LORDOSIS! Praise be to Lord Tony!
by InstituteOfNursingParlance September 13, 2019
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