Working from home with no pants on. The act of sitting behind a laptop, at home and wearing underpants only. It can extend to working from home naked as well.
Common phrases: 'I'm looging today/tomorrow', 'Looging off now', 'How did looging go?', 'I get so much done when I'm looging', 'I need to loog tomorrow, so I'll be back in the office on Friday'.
by Blueberryshake February 4, 2015
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A word Conned by Logicx in a world of warcraft server.

The meaning could be anything for example, Like the word fuck
"I just got looged."
"Looge me good bro."
"It's Looge!"
by Its Looge March 22, 2015
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To hack flem in the throat and spit with extreme gusto.
I used my loog for lubricant during anal penetration.
by Bulbous Jack H October 11, 2009
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An unspecific sized body of water, to describe the size that is in between a pond and a lake.
Wow did it flood? I never realised that there was a loog here.
by TomBender January 7, 2014
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Looge (lou-jey) A very intamate way of making love with your partner(s) while under the influence of drugs and alcohol
Boy 1: Man, last night my parents caught me in the middle of looge!
Boy 2: OH MAN! How bad was it? We're you in trouble?
Boy 1: The looge? I dont know i don't remember it. And yea i got it good this morning.
by Olga and Grace February 19, 2010
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A word used to denote lag in online computer games by 13 year old haxors to sound 31337 (eleet, or elite).

See also:
script kiddie
by Aphex November 16, 2003
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