When a prepubescent female masturbates by inserting a popsicle into her vagina.
Jill was so horny she loli-popped all night long.

I'm kind of horny maybe I'll go loli-pop for awhile.
by Jesusbait August 27, 2008
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when you are a older brother who has a loli as a sister who is highly sexual and you shoot her in the end to stop her from sexually assulting you
did you hear dave is a loli popper
by Rhinoseato8 January 17, 2021
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loly pop lala is a character in a girl, she is the best aspects of a girl therefor leaving her perfect. loly pop lala origonated by a girl named elisha yates through the internet.
her beauty minus the bad skin is a loly pop lala character.
she's like a loly pop lala...until you get to know her!
katie would be a loly pop lala if she wasnt so rude.
by as lucky January 15, 2010
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a person, (most noticeably ugly bastards) who busts the fattest nut inside of a Loli
"Yesterday i had a Loli-pop, it felt so fucking good


wanna get a Loli-pop? I have one at home
by lickmegoodOnii-chan December 12, 2019
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