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A disparaging term for internet libertarians, used jokingly or not. First seen on
That LOLbertarian candidate will privatize the roads!
by Tezkah October 09, 2004
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A term used by "little l" libertarians who simultaneously want to assert their genuine preference for limited government while owning up to the fact that a lot of Libertarians are silly people with bad haircuts. The label is usually adopted in order to avoid guilt-by-association.
"I really think this stimulus is dumb but I'm just a silly lolbertarian."
by Whats-his-face April 16, 2009
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A buzzword thrown at libertarians. This is typically used by anarcho-communists.
1. Anarcho-communist: LOL, you believe that capitalism isn't exploitation??? You're such a lolbertarian...

Libertarian: Fact- the labor theory of value has been debunked numerous times and assumes that voluntaryism is slavery, which is absolutely retarded.

2. Random guy: But what about Somalia? Why don't you go there and join the other lolbertarians?

Libertarian: Somalia is a failed state. It failed because of the government, and now it's infested with warlords.

3. Random guy: BuT WhO's GoiNG 2 buILD DuH RoAdS iF DUh GUmEnT DOeSnT Do iT???? HEhaHAh, ChEcKmATe LoLbErTaRiAn!!!

Anarcho-capitalist: Tax collectors and politicians don't build the roads. This is something that can already be maintained (and already is, to an extent) by private businesses.

Random guy: Wha-wha-but that won't be free!

Anarcho-capitalist: Roads were never free in the United States. You've always paid for them through taxes. In an anarcho-capitalist society, businesses will be paying for the roads with the money you pay for their products. Also, businesses are going to want to plaster their own ads on billboards and that's going to generate a lot of the money needed to support the roads. Hey, look! I just described a way to efficiently fund roads without having to be coerced by the state! Hooray!
by Nonexistent Entity December 02, 2017
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