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Slang for someone who supports militant communism, as opposed to the subversive, political, or economic warfare variants of communism. Generally, though not always, a Stalinist.
Only tankies would actually want to spread the revolution though military might.
by Zoldam July 01, 2020

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Derogatory slang for "libertarian". Usually used to make fun of self-proclaimed libertarians who are apathetic to or support government expansion. The kind of of person who will say "If the government treads on me, 1776 will commence again!!!" then does nothing when the government treads on them.
So the government is taking your rights and you are just complaining instead standing up to them? You're a huge lolbertarian.
by Zoldam July 01, 2020

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When an individual partaking in political/social movements claim they are white, but turn out to be Jewish.
I just looked at the founder of the movement, every fucking time!
by Zoldam August 17, 2020

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