To laugh AT someone, not WITH them
JoJo: 'Limes shall we quickly create a new meaning for 'that' word?'
Limes: 'yes JoJo, lets get in there quick.'

by Stu Phipps October 6, 2010
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Used to describe something funny like, lolation but a different version.
"Mattaldinho is FUNNY"
"Yeah, he's lolational"
by Mattaldinho November 19, 2008
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Can be used like lol in response to something funny or can be used to describe a funny event/series of events.
"You guys remember the time when we masturbated while hangliding!"
"haha, yeah, that day was lolation"
by Mattaldinho November 19, 2008
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When a Lolita has come of legal age and is pursuing you.
Oh man, so-and-so's sister is a total Lolater now.
by nobokov October 14, 2009
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