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Paladin on world of warcraft, usually between lvl 1 - 20. on a roleplay server. Who ALWAYS uses OOC chat in /say.
Rayl says: Hello there
Paladin Says: Lo, sup m8?
Rayl whispers: Another loladin ey?
Paladin whispers: WT!F!F?! OMFG !N000B!!11!!1
by Rayl May 02, 2006
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Portmanteau from "LOL" and "Paladin", describing a Blood Elf Paladin within the MMORPG "World of Warcraft".
Mage: Group looking for a healer!
Paladin: OK, I'm a healadin, please invite!
Mage (to team): OMG WTF? A blood elf paladin just whispered me!
Team: OH NOES! Don't invite a loladin plx!
by Lo-Tekk March 11, 2009
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Used in the game warld of warcraft. A loladin is a Paladin whos trying to deal damage, rather then heal it, or tank it.

While a paladin is very good at doing the last. They are failures at the first "Dealing damage"

They usually dont know anything about their class, what their job, or how to play altogether.

Its also a term used by other Paladins who make fun of any paladin who's trying to dps in the pve side of the game.
Me: "after joining a group" your tanking or healing?
Paladin: i retri, i dps.
Me: oh great.. another loladin.

Paladin A: Whats the new guy's spec? we could really use healers at this point.
Paladin B: no, his a fucking loladin!
Paladin A: god damn it, not another one of those! if we wanted a melee dps we could have gotten a warrior or a rogue!
by Ace38 October 06, 2008
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