A lobotomized brain-less human from the post-apocalyptic wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas and are found at Big Mountain. Usually they will attack anything moving, with axes and various weapons. They often wear masks or engineering suits that are strange and freaky. Created from the Dr.'s experiments and are hostile at all times. Most are directly taken from the Mojave Wasteland (from robots) and brought to Big MT. for experiments. The only known person to travel to Big MT. in the wasteland and not become lobotomized is Elijah, Christine, and Ulysses.
What are you fighting in Fallout: New Vegas?
Those stupid lobotomites.
Those things are creepy as fuck.
by TexasRed May 8, 2019
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someone who suffers from extreme lack of critical thought, either through organic causes, brain damage, or lack of neural exercise.
Fox News has cornered the market in the 31-46 lobotomite demographic.
by ALargerView January 23, 2011
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A type of hair style commonly on feminist, where one side of the hair is shaved off like someone who had a lobotomy .
"What kind of hair cut you want?"
"Give me the lobotomite?"
"Say no more."
by Edward Fawkes March 29, 2016
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A word commonly used by Pyrocynical that describes someone who is completely retarded.
Person 1: Hey, have you heard of Logan Paul?

Person 2: Yeah, what a lobotomite
by 2001HondaCivic September 29, 2019
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