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llnk runs a popular Halo2 arena on XLink Kai. He can host large games of Halo2 consisting of 16 players. llnk has hosted on Xlink Kai almost every day since Halo2 was released by Bungie in November of 2004. llnk is also known as the founder of xllnk<dot>com and #Halo-2 on Efnet.

llnk's crew puts out the ClimbEverything video series which are tutorials on how to get out of several Halo2 multiplayer maps. This technique is known as 'glitching'. These videos are high quality machinima which are comparable to redvsblue.

They also created the United Map Pack which is a collection of modded Halo2 multiplayer maps. UMP is widly acknowledged as the best Halo2 map pack in existence. This is because of it's selection of maps and built in autopatcher. UMP was the first map pack to include full pictures of each map in it's mainmenu.

<MasterChief> I hate xbox live. Too many noobs and slayer whores.
<KaiUser> Join llnk's arena on Xlink Kai. It's where the pros go.

by TheDemon November 14, 2005
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