cocaine;the powder form of cocaine
Yo G hook it up with another bump of that lle!
by renob March 30, 2004
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Mistyped lel. Sometimes used to be even danker than lel.
Daniel hit himself, lle
by unlogical October 1, 2020
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Left Lane Entitlement Syndrome. When a person is driving slowly in the left lane and they refuse to get out of the way.
Dude this chick in the Geo Tracker will not get out of the left lane even though she is driving 45 mph.

She definitely has LLES!
by Oburg March 27, 2010
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Bay Area slanguage for Marijuana! LLE is pronounced "Yay" also known as LLEO which is pronounced: "Yayo". Lle is just the original Columbian spelling of the word. Anyways, the term Grandma Lle refers to Weed, Skunk, Haze, Kush, Jane, all that shit yadadamean, it's like a lleo high for grandmas and shit that don't really wanna get all gacked out can't stand the come down. Also refered to as Granddaddy.
"I'm off that henny and that grandma lle, As we speak..."
E-40 - Some song on My Ghetto Report Card (can't remember which)

"It's good, it's good, like that granddaddy."
-Keak Da Sneak on 'Tell Me When To Go'
by G-Blunted May 19, 2006
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