A beautiful girl who is friendly to all. Liyu has currly black hair. She has an amazing heart. Liyu has a huge brain. Liyu is also someone who loves Starbucks.
by Liyu_lover March 2, 2018
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A girl who knows how to make a boy feel special, but she does it too well. You'll think she's a goodie two shoes but you find out she's not as good as you think she is. She seems like a happy go lucky girl but she's really emotionally unstable. Not to mention the girl is pretty as hell. If you date a Liyu beware, there are two types to the reaction of to every boy finding him attractive. She'll either prove she's loyal, or break all amounts of trust. You'll fall fast and when she leaves you'll get stuck on her. She'll move on but you won't for a while. Maybe if you're lucky you'll be the final guy.
Person 1: whose that?
Person 2: that's liyu
Person 1: I never heard that name before lmfao
by Fuckherbro June 21, 2022
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A city in the world of genshin impact no one knows how to pronounce
There are a lot of mountains around Liyue.
by iamthere October 22, 2020
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Someone who tries who act sassy infront of sassy girls but fails terribly.
Some one is very random
Lol he is such a Liyu, hilariously unsassy
by Monaishi February 1, 2021
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