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Little Lucas is a little baller and should not be judged by his size because he will literally whoop you in basketball. He is usually very homeschooled. He knows that he is very homeschooled and is not ashamed of it.
Girl 1: little Lucas is a ballerrrrrr
Girl 2: thas my best frand
by Zshadyyyyy December 27, 2017
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The gayest bitch you will ever meet, short af, rude af, sarcastic, is a hoe but in a good way. Loves quesadillas and cereal. A really awesome dude but has low self esteem. Has a wanderfull best friend and waifu who is the same person. Likes dick but thinks penises are disgusting. Enjoys reading and smoking weed while laying on the floor petting his cat. Wears hoodies all the time and never knows what to do with his hair. Basically a Little is a gay unicorn that you wish was your best friend.
Person 1: look over there ashlie it’s little Lucas

Ashlie: *screams and runs over to little lucas* AHHhH YOU LOOK SO GAY AND I LOVE IT!!
by Salty Susan February 03, 2018
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5’5, blonde hair, loves basketball, blue eyes, loves REAGAN AND CHLOE BECAUSE THOSE ARE HIS BESTIES FOR LIFEEEEEE!!! Funniest guy you’ll ever meet and outgoing too😂 he gets bullied and trapped a lot..... #FreeLucas #StopLucasBullying2K17
Guy#1 Little Lucas is funny

Guy #2 yeah man I know!
by LL’s bestie December 27, 2017
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Little Lucas is a guy who is very little and is also named Lucas. He is a baller. Blonde hair and blue eyes. He often has many friends that are girls, and 98% of his streaks on Snapchat are girls. He can’t sleep unless his mom ticks him in or he has his bear.
Little Lucas: I can’t sleep my mom isn’t here to tuck me in.
Friend: wow you’re definitely little Lucas.
by Zshadyyyyy April 22, 2018
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