moscato is a sweet slightly sparkling wine made from muscat grapes made popular by rappers such as kanye west.
"hypno chrysto i mean whatever, but serraco moscato it do taste better.."
by annonymous 26 January 13, 2007
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In reality it is a very sweet dessert wine that is now popular with hoodrats, niggas, and a wide variety of other ignorant peoples, typically of urban origin.

It is the new replacement for White Zin, another wine that is used with every meal by uncultured assholes.
Dayday:"Yo son, Shawtie been drinking that Moscato with her steak."
Todd:"Don't call me 'son', PATRICK. Your girlfriend is an idiot, that's a dessert wine. As a matter of fact, you're fired..You disgust me."
by DrAllWright December 12, 2010
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A week night during which you drink Moscato (or any other alcohol), do homework, accomplish things, and hang out with your girls. Can also be spent watching baseball.
"Hey girl, let's have a Moscato Night" "Heck yeah! We can get all our homework done so we can go out on Friday night!"
by KellSmells November 12, 2013
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