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My hometown, Little lever is a small village located in in between the smog filled shitholes that are Farnworth and Ratcliffe (ratpit).

Entering little lever is like smelling the contents of your arse. the gypsy camp pengs!
Dont spend too much time around this area or you might end up in a body bag, shoe less!

The crime rate is unbelievable, 70% of children under 16 already have an asbo, and little levers most luxurious area:
the avenues. has a asbo rate of 100%.Not 1 of them have worked a day in there life and everyone is seeking benifits.
It makes benefits street (as seen on channel 4) look like disney land!

You can constantly hear the soothing noises of 50cc peddle and pop peds, all of them thinking there nicky hayden while traveling at an abrupt speed of 25mph!
All the males in that area either think they are ex s.a.s, king pins of the drug trade or notorious gangsters, while the woman think there Americas next top model.
women from this area usually loose there virginty around 11/12, every womans fanny looks like squished slug and has been battered multiple times by multiple different people.
If you live there you've proply shagged your own mum its like 1 big giant orgy!

the amount of inbreds has dropped dramitcally in the last 2 year dropping from 80% to 50% but the abortion rate has trippled.
with non of them being able to seek proper treatment the coat hanger is the most bought tool in the area scooping out over 2000 babies a year.
little lever farnworth hometown
by mr doge January 09, 2014
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