Goblin Slayer: A silver level adventurer from the anime and manga of the same name. Whom lost his family to Goblins and has spent his life training to kill just them.

He is often fighting alone but eventually gains a harem of likable women that all love him, but he only loves killing Goblins.
Bill: "Man that Goblin Slayer nigga is brutal"
Goblin Slayer fanboy: "He rids the world of the vermin known as Goblins. He is a hero"
by Goblin Slayer November 24, 2018
Man who has sex with substantially less attractive women on a regular basis (the women would be referred to as goblins).
Grimey: Dude I saw that goblin you brought home last night, you slay that shit?

Mooch: Fuck you man, you're still a bigger goblin slayer than I'll ever be.
by Pegis October 11, 2008
To absolutely and irrevocably destroy and defile something, in a shocking and grotesque fashion

(From the show Goblin Slayers first episode)
"Oberyn Martell got Goblin Slayered by the Mountain in that Game of Thrones episode".
by Muraxesis June 10, 2020
Hym "Holy shit are we also Goblin Slayer!?"

Iam "What? What makes you think that?"

Hym "We predate it by a little over a year and we talked about how we used to say 'I see' all the time! His catchphrase is 'Souka!' that could totally be a thing!"

Iam "Wha... No way!"

Hym "Yes way! That shit is hardcore! We're the beard cutter!"
by Hym Iam June 7, 2022