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laughing in real life, used if you really are laughing on instant messaging
rachel - my dog just like totally threw up
nat - lirl werd.
by dothehustle May 17, 2006
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Laughing In Real Life for lol is abused and only said when something is amusing or when nothing else can be said. LIRL is used when people really are laughing in real life. It was Invented by THEE Clique and used primarily by them, but it is slowly spreading throughout the internet.
Bob: lirl, that's ironic...
Lexi: stfu, it coulda been one of us, I mean there are a lot of us and we're never on anymore and-
Everybody else: STFU
Lexi: k
Ki: thank god...
Callie: I used to be god...
Jen: lirl
Nikki: don't you think this example is getting kind of long?
Anna: yea k, I end it
by theeclique January 25, 2004
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LIRL- Laugh in Real life: The Superiour to the generic "lol" , for when people are really laughing in real life.
Doomsayer: Im a little teapot short and stout? Common vanilla ice, work it out?!

Nova: lirl!

Grant tripped over a cake and sprained his ankle... LIRL! WHAT A NOOB!
by Nova and Doomsayer August 14, 2007
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stands for Laughing in real life because now lol, lmao, rofl r lies most of the time
1:check this video
by NeVer4Ever April 10, 2010
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TrAnWhiZ: lol
TrAnWhiZ: but that was a stupid move
Cross: that was cowfucking retarded move
TrAnWhiZ: haha
by TrAnWhiZ December 24, 2009
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Laughing In Real Life (internet only)
Because of the over use of comments like LMAO, or LOL, this indicates that you REALLY ARE laughing, and are not simply saying LOL for lack of anything better to say. This is not widely used, and has only come into existence because of some of my friends.
Bill: Jim got his testicles caught in the door, it was so freaking funny, he screamed like a little girl.
Joe: LIRL *dies laughing*
by MEEEEEEEE August 09, 2003
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L.I.R.L. means 'Laughing In Real Life'. It goes along the same lines as 'LOL' only it is a literal expression for moments when you are actually laughing in real life. It is not as flexible as LOL, which can be applied to anything amusing or likeable.
Yeah, it really made me LIRL!
by SKisLIRLing July 14, 2010
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