Liras is a beautiful soul, she can make the world a better place by being in it. She is so lovable you will never forget her If a Liras tries to push you away stay and she will forever be there with you. She has a heart of gold and is the most beautiful mind and body. She is her very own type of person, can be crazy but she is beautifully crazy. She is honest and real.
I met Liras today and she blew me away with her honesty. I love her already.
by Anonymous2347 March 10, 2019
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i wish i was lira so i could have that toothbrush
by maca attacka August 28, 2009
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leeds regiment of the irish republic army, based in leeds, west yorkshire england

'the LIRA today fought violently against the british forces to liberate their homeland, coming over in past generations as immigrants, these youths fight to free ireland from within england'
by hellcat June 02, 2006
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Lira is a beautiful, kind and caring person. If you are ever upset or mad she will help you out. She can seem calm however if you ever hurt someone she cares for then she can be aggressive and won’t stop until she is satisfied with what she has done. Lira is in love with food. If you try and take her food, you better run. Lira is great at art. She doesn’t like to go overboard with her stuff. If you ever see a Lira alone , you know something’s wrong.
(Boy1) what happened!?
(Boy2) I tried to take Lira’s food ;<;
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by \(0-0)/ January 11, 2020
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Name of the Turkish currency that is being used since Ottoman Empire, from Latin "libra". It equals to a hundred kuruş (qurush, sub-currency of it. From German "groschen" which is also from Latin).
Üç yüz kuruş üç liraya tekâbül eder - Three hundred qurushes correspond to three liras.

Bu insanlar üç kuruş için birbirlerine girerler - These people would fight with each other for 3 qurushes (Rare usage, in this case it refers to a very small amount of money)

Üç kuruşluk adamlar/insanlar - Men/People worth three qurushes (Which is also rare, indicates the despicableness of those men/people, usually men)
by ifot89 August 20, 2020
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