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A person who makes out with people indiscriminately. Caliber of victim normally doesn't factor in and therefore can be quite low. Doesn't usually take it past second base tig ol' bitties. Tend to not care about their conquests.
"Liam is a lip slut, he pulled Alison's friend and called Amber to come over that night."
"Damn dat bitch be uuglay fugly, she needs to get with a lip slut"
by Liam the Lip Slut January 22, 2005
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Someone who likes to make out with several different partners, usually at random, especially when intoxicated.
I lipslutted with the cutest guy last night!
by Turnip17 May 27, 2008
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A beauty blogger who always posts provocative, up close photos of her lips on Instagram, usually with a phallic object in the frame, such as a tub of lip gloss.
This beauty blogger is only popular because she's such a lip slut.
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by SpringBreak4Life June 12, 2018
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