a girl who likes to transict
Avery: oh look linds just signed on
Ashton: she probably just got back from another transiction
Katie: i heard she transicts 2000+ a year now!
by holycrapitsnotavery January 10, 2010
To go home at lunchtime from your office or place of work, and have a cheeky wank followed by a minimum of 30 minutes sleep.
Steve: "I'm off home for a Lind boys!"
Vince: "Ahhh smashien lind, catch you later boy!"
by Gayreth Howell June 8, 2009
guitarist in HIM and guitarist/singer in daniel lioneye
wow..linde sure is sexy...im so glad he's all mine
by LucyLazer August 31, 2004
That guy was so good in bed last night he was like a linde because he was so good at it.
by Stephanzz July 11, 2008
This person is beautiful inside and out. They are motivated, inspiring and have an amazing vibe. They're smile can brighten up your day anytime.
Wow, that girl is so amazing! She must be a Lindes.
by Shvfixubsj August 16, 2017