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A luxury car with a division window between the front and back seat, which can be raised and lowered by the occupants.

In America, limousines originally rolled off the assembly line as complete cars. They weren't super-stretched monsters. Around the late-1970s, early-1980s, companies began taking pre-existing cars (Cadillacs and Lincolns being the most popular choice) and stretching them by cutting them from one side to the other, between the front and rear doors, and 'filling in' in the middle.
Cadillac's Fleetwood Series 75 model.
by Ryan Thompson January 10, 2005
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A collective noun for a group of slags.
Person 1: "Yo, check that limousine there!"

Person 2: "Pfft... just a bunch of slags. I bet Robyn Khan is in there."
by Doe-G April 04, 2010
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Penis. Invented, apparently, by Salvador Dalí who used it frequently; possibly Grace Jones picked it up directly from him when she wrote Pull Up To The Bumper.
"Pull up to my bumper baby, in your long black limousine ...pull up to my bumper baby, and drive it in between...shine your mean machine at me, I've got to blow your horn...".
by placque July 06, 2011
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to Limo something or be Limousine.
to be fashionable.
also known as fly or slammin

derives from clothes designer Jack Limousine.
if someone is dressed well

"yo that girl is limo"

or if someone is fashionable

"dawg, he's got limousine"
by Aiden Samuels April 24, 2006
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