A description of a person, object, or organization that rejects any culture other than a white, middle American one. It's often accompanied by informal segregation through the use of rules or social conventions meant to exclude or discourage minorities from joining.
The lily white housing association had absolutely no minorities living in it.
by John9999 February 20, 2012
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conventional, uninteresting, status quo, unadventurous -- often used to describe suburban US white characteristics.
"Man, that burrito was all beans and cheese -- it was so lily white."
by Greenpoint February 11, 2006
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Slang: My big fat white ass-cheeks.
You can kiss my lily whites!
by James March 6, 2004
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town where cops are dicks and have nothing better to do than harass college students even though without the college the town would be the asshole of this inbred area
in this f'in lily white town, the rpd wake my ass up at 130 am to tell me that i shouldnt let people leave old run over street signs in my driveway.
by f the face book April 20, 2005
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a beautiful cookie from a game known as “cookie run”, currently not playable in the “cookie run: kingdom”. rarity will most likely be an “ancient” in the game, ancients are the rarest of all types of playable cookies.
person 1: hey! whos your favorite cookie from cookie run?
person 2: oh, it’s white lily cookie.
person 1: cool! mines strawberry crepe.
by malehutao October 20, 2021
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