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Fucking amazing

Sexy as fuck


Lovely personality

Better than a flower
Hey, you're really amazing. Your name must be Lillee
by Amazing_lil_ April 13, 2016
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One of the cutest people to ever exist on earth.
She's smart, kind, funny, and a huge tease.
I want to spend every day with her. She is mine.
You're truly blessed if you have a lil lee in your life.
person 1: lil lee is such a cutie!
person2: right? I wish I was dating lil lee
by urbannoe January 02, 2019
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she is a nice but an angry person at times. when you get the chance to meet her you will end up as bffs or more.
hey or kind and angry your name must be lillee
by Sugarandspice333 April 05, 2019
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