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1) Has no rapping skills whatsoever.
2)Is only successful because he's Master P's son.
3) Tries to be ghetto when he has probably never even seen a ghetto in his LIFE.
4)No street credibility-has been living in masions all his life.
5)Spoiled brat.
Lil romeo has no street credibility and no rapping skills, and does not belong in rap.
by dfsdfsd May 04, 2005
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a complete moron. when he raps, he makes a fool of himself. hes so fucking arrogant and says he is the greatest in rap, when he is the worst. he only thinks he is street and ghetto cuz he wears a chain and wears shitty clothing from 'p-miller'. has no street cred whatsoever (born in mansions and does not know what street is), therefore, he has nothing else to rap about other than crushes and dancing with girls. he is a spoiled little shit and is ONLY famous because of his dad, who kinda sucks anyway. HE DOES NOT DESERVE THIS FAME. and stupid urban black girls blindly worhip this little bitch. a rich suburban white kid could make a fool of him!!! someone needs to rip him apart in a freestyle, maybe ja rule should do it! and most people who like romeo cannot spell for shit. even lil bow wow (who thinks he is gangsta bcuz he is older and says "nigga" few times) actually worked hard to get noticed by snoop dogg. romeo was probly famous before he was born, he little bitch! i started out poor but my parents bcame doctors and now i am rich. lil romeo has not done shit!!!
i am a rich hindu kid who makes rap lyrics. even i talk about important things in life instead being a wannbe like romeo. i have made some disses at romeo and bow wow!
by dsssgfhdgsfhghgfdljd;hg August 25, 2005
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lil romeo is the faggot son of master p the even bigger fag, i hate them both.
anybody who listen to master p and lil romeo stupid ass hell
damn he be listenin to master p and lil romeo nasty nigga
by chubaca February 26, 2005
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stupid annoying ugly arrogant uncreative worthless & untalented little black kid who thinks he's so great because his father Master P made it big in the rap world. and because he's the son of this fool, lil romeo is cashing in on this status from many young impressionable urban black girls with giant crushes who actually pay money for awful albums, and retarded concerts thinking they'll marry this little bitch someday.
lil romeo makes all those horrid boy bands of the past such as O-town actually look talented and admirable.
by jane doe June 04, 2004
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Bow Wow's arch-nemesis. Bubblegum rapper who sells records primarily because of his good looks. His songs aim towards young teenage girls. He is the son of rapper Master P. Recently dropped the "Lil" from his name and goes as simply Romeo.
Lol, Bow Wow and Lil Romeo are at it again.
by Johnny Johnothan August 06, 2006
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