Where you only like someone because you want to like someone.
The lonely guy, wanting to find love, like-like liked the ugly old woman.
by Aleph Daylabutliker January 4, 2010
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Where you more than like like someone, but you don't say you love them. Like like like is a sign of a relationship going somewhere.
Wow, did you see that she smiled so much around him? She must really like like like him.
by Palroonie September 4, 2017
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An expression used when a person is clarifying on if someone has a crush on somebody else or not.
Aurora: I think I like this guy.
Kylee: Like, like like him?
Aurora: Yeah.
by Addy Elyse October 29, 2017
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BIG! Jackoff Jeff likes em big enough to block him from the scorching sun on a hot summer day. Big enough to be considered jolly all year long, not just Christmas. Big enough to shop at Lane Giant and Torrid. Big enough to be considered pleasantly plump. Big enough to take up enough seating for three - him, her, and her other ass cheek.

Jeff's fav quote: Go BIG or go home with one who is
by one pissed off mama March 9, 2011
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