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1. deliciousness
2. a word used to describe the appearance of a fully erect penis
3. the thought that enters your mind when you see a dripping wet CC runner
4. the tingling sensation on your tongue when you see some eye candy

-go look at R.L.'s pikcha.. he lookin all wet and lickety, i could eat him UPPP!!

-ohhhh gurl.. i be on dat all night long
by tushaba September 06, 2008
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1: adj. A state of constant and epic failure; To be Lickety'd; to have been found to be a miserable, lying retard; to reek of cat urine

2: adv. a pathological need to perpetuate one's own pwnage by regailing others in tales that are patently untrue, and thusly, automatically debunked; to be in denial of one's own sad, pathetic life; to disappear from view after being confronted with reality, in order to preserve one's fantasy
"Dude, my summer house is a mansion right next door to George Clooney's on Lake Como. He and I have barbeques there all the time."

"You drive an eight year old car and don't even have a passport."

"Damn it! I've been Lickety'd!"


"I'm in such incredibly adonis-like shape that I can finish the Iron Man competition in six hours, and still have enough energy to go home and bone my harem of hot blonde nineteen year olds."

"Didn't you weigh three hundred pounds a couple of years ago? And don't you have a bald spot the size of a moon crater? And isn't it unhealthy to lose weight and gain muscle that fast?"

by Va-va-voom August 15, 2008
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