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The asskisser.or also a stubborn person to the point of being an asshole.
She is a lickarse.
She is extremely stubborn and reaches the pont of being a lickarse.
by Tafner May 26, 2008
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A person who licks another person's ass. The person does this to stick up to the person, because they are pathetic, and are scared to get in trouble.
My friend, Joshua Gaul is a Lick Arse to our principal whenever we get into arguments.
by Yes.! December 02, 2009
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Pretty self explanatory really,someone who likes to lick arse.Sometimes it's just a hobby sometimes people do it for personal gain or a promotion.
How the hell did old mate get that promotion?That's easy ozza is a dirty old lick arse.
by Ragnar Loddbrok October 27, 2016
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