the physical act of producing sexual gratification on a male individual by using a tongue to create frictional contact over the penis. Sensitive pressure receptors in the penial skin produce singals that result in an euphoric sensation. This may lead to orgasm.
by tonywashere March 20, 2011
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It’s when you lick the dick as you give a blow job
I gave my dad a lick dick and he said it was the best🍑👀
by Fuckkkkkkk me in the asshole September 7, 2019
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Yeah, I know that Sharon Stone has a girlfriend, but she must be a licks dick lesbian, because she rode me like a mechanical bull last night!
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translates as 'thank you for your opinion but your input is no longer required'
1st "I reckon George Bush is a really great guy"
2nd "Go lick a dick."
by Striker June 25, 2004
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As my favorite insult, it means shut up and go give sum one head you ho
Guy:you bitch!
Gurl:Go lick a dick!
by TooF PiC August 1, 2004
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an insulting way to say to a smut go give sum one head.
lick a dick bitch.
by Toof Pic June 25, 2004
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