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A truly lovely lady, who usually has blond hair. An individual who has a passion for those with breast cancer. Licia usually runs late, but this is just her way. Licia's are graceful and determined women.
licia in situ gorgeous licia caring licia blond licia determined licia
by Snowflake2322 November 21, 2010
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Licia is a beautiful girl who has always something to say. She will become a director and fuck everybody who says she won't. She will also become a Mato Grosso boss and help everybody who is in need because her heart is big. She is very passionate about broccoli, green foods in general and earrings. She is extremely scared of bananas though. Give Licia a beautiful bean soup and she'll be happy.
"oh, I love Licia so much!" "why?""Licia is just so perfect!"

"that person was so Licia!" "what does that mean!" "that she was stylish obv!"
by broccolyup January 11, 2020
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