passin notes.....
guy 1: dude! gess who just broque up?
guy 2: woah...lhts
by Tia21 April 16, 2010
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Lazy Hippo Transport:

These are the devices that grossly obese American's use to roam fat markets like Walmart without having to actually walk to do so. They are very prevalent in Southern Ohio but have been seen on other states as well due to Medicare giving out our tax money so lazy American everywhere can get fatter with the least amount of effort.
I was at Walmart and was run over by a crazed women on her LHT while standing in front of the Twinkie isle.
by Airfoilsguy March 15, 2011
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When someone says "ily" but you love *him*... "Love him too"
Person 1: ILLYY
person 2: lht.. (love him too)
Person 1: huh?
Person 2: Autocorrect :)
by UnknownedUser December 2, 2021
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