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A sexy badass with a huge penis who is amazing in bed and knows this kid named Kellen who has huge boobs and a vagina
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Leyton a sexy badass which always succeeds in life and has had sex with many hot girls his dick is massive
Woman1 leyton is so saxy with his dick

Woman2 i know right
by The sexy lady March 01, 2017
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Leyton is a name for the pairing of Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer on the CW show, One Tree Hill.
Fans of this pairing are generally awesome. Ahem.
Leyton is Mark's baby.

Leyton totally got together omg those Brucasers were so wrong.
by Geeeba December 06, 2006
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Leyton is a sweet heart, a weirdo, and he is a real cutey to some people but at the same time he is criticized by some people and he is hurt and doesn't understand why people hate him or what he did wrong. He is a very loyal friend and will stick with you you will eventually fall in love with him. He is one of my best friends and i proud of it.
Leyton:why does she hate me
Emily:because she's jelly of you
Leyton: thx
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by emilywasher110 March 02, 2018
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A total asshole who no one likes. At times he will seem like your best friend and then he’ll stab you in the back. Because he’s a dick.
Don’t be such a Leyton
by FireEye May 24, 2018
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Leyton is a caring smart sexy beast, she is always there to listen and be an amazing friend. Similar to her amazing sex Leyton is playful and very interactive with whom she is talking to. If you were to imagine Leyton you’d see a beautiful , hot , sexy model from Germany with her silky smooth hair. Leyton is to die for, she is chased by everyone because of here mesmerizing looks and not to mention her “god” like voice. Leyton is the most important person in your life ever!
Leyton is an amazing person and very sexy and also very beautiful
by S0104 May 15, 2018
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