Out of a choice of two bad things the one that's considered least important or not as wrong.
A father taking his little girl into a men's restroom is the lesser evil than leaving her alone outside.
by Maybe E December 7, 2009
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A set scenarios that you have to choose whatever hurts less.
Officer Mark was forced to choosing lesser evil between killing the dope pusher Mang Kanor, or shooting his corrupt buddy Officer Jerry.
by Kay Tutan Tayo December 4, 2018
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when one is presented with 2 bad choices. the person chooses the one that has less of a consequence.
my mom wanted to buy a pack of cigarettes but i didnt want her too. it was either
1.) i let her drive drunk to get them herself
2.) i get her the pack of cigarettes
i chose to get her a pack of cigarettes because it was the lesser of two evils
by Rocky.L July 23, 2008
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The Democrats or Republicans, whichever party you vote for (unless you do the "cool thing" and vote for some third party sack of shit).
Don't throw you're vote away on some third party douche, at least vote for the lesser of two evils.
by Disgruntled Marmot May 26, 2004
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