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a complete and total lesbian. normally has eyes for a straight girl
"we didn't order these uniforms"
"well no shit lesbotron. my borther did"
by bandcuttie July 10, 2009
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(lez-bow-trawn); noun;

a lesbian machine- a cyborg, if you will. these oddities are commonly found in the following habitats:

1- ice hockey arenas
2- same-sex marriage rallies
3- camping
4- whole foods store;

In addition to exhibiting all characteristics of stereotypical lesbians, the homonormative mutant power of the lesbotron enables her to execute any activity with spectacular accuracy and prowess.
"Heavens to Betsy! That lesbotron single-handedly scored a hat trick AND signed all of those adoption papers in the last three minutes of the game! No lesbian I know can move like that!"
by dykeface killah May 25, 2008
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The stereotype of a lesbian, ie; short hair, flannel shirt, frumpy, drives a Subaru Outback, hates men and yet wants to be a man, and is generally unattractive to either sex. This definition excludes the lipstick variety, as well as cool Bi chicks.
Look honey, those lesbotrons are remodeling their house again.
by NoahD March 06, 2006
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1. a steryotypical lesbian
2. a loud mouth feminist carpet muncher
3. that bitch in your political science class
Ellen DeGeneres is a lesbotron.

Rosie O'Donald is one fat ass lesbotron.
by Silky Johnson December 14, 2004
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