The strongest alcoholic beverage that an underage person can legally buy. It's usually sold in 1 oz. bottles for about $4 each, so it's not at all cheap. However the alcohol content can be as high as 84% (168 proof), so it's almost worth it. Also, it burns worse than any other alcoholic beverage when going down. Don't shoot it.
Matt could handle 10 shots of 151 without too much trouble, but when he tried the same with lemon extract he had to get his stomach pumped.

1 oz. lemon extract + 1 tbsp sugar + 5 oz water = Nick D's Hard Lemonade

After shooting 5 bottles of lemon extract straight, Jimmy went to the hospital for a throat transplant.
by Nick D October 29, 2003
The strongest alcoholic beverage you can buy without ID. It's 83% alcohol and cheap - $4 for 2 oz or $12 for 16 oz. You can take shots of it if you don't mind the burn of lemon oil, or you can filter the lemon oil out of it and make a vodka substitute. McCormick brand is best for drinking.
Person 1: I want to get drunk but I'm underage.
Person 2: Let's get some lemon extract from the grocery store.
Person 1: Hell yeah! Time to get wasted!
by Four Loko Frat Guy November 3, 2021