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To swing a combination of 3 punches, alternating from your left hand to your right, scoring a KO with the third.
John: Danny was being a cheeky cunt last night.
Mark: Oh yeah I heard, didn't you end up knocking him out?
John: Yeah, gave him the left right goodnight.
Mark: Solid cunt.
by BanterWagonn March 03, 2014
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An Australian saying referring to three punches inflicted onto someone. First left, then right and goodnight being the final blow knocking the person out.
Luke "Oi what about davo dogging the boiz for his misso!"
Bob " Ayy what a cunt for dogging the boys"
Luke " He deserves a left right goodnight"
by pingas4dayz February 28, 2017
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When ur in a fight and you jab cross hook/uppercut and knock them out mostly and Aussie fight term
(some blockes watching a MMA fight and one of the boxers gets knocked out)

Holy shit cunt he just gave him the left right goodnight
by Walley34 June 23, 2018
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