Used to define a member of the household or place of residence who frequently misplaces and forgets about their possessions. Commonly left articles include: perishable foods, dirty dishes, clothing.
Jon left his hat in my room again. He's such a leaver.

Marty is a leaver because he forgot about his frozen dinner and left it overnight in the microwave.
by Goodys December 19, 2005
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Feces of such length and girth as to make the depositor proud to leave it in the commode unflushed for the next bloke to behold.
After doing battle for an hour, I beheld a true leaver and left the lavatory supremely satisfied.
by southparkfreak00 March 06, 2016
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A specific green and identifiable wart on the tip of your length, causing great irritation.
James 1E5
by Karl Woosey November 28, 2003
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