Flat Leaver
-If you were hanging out with a friend and left to hang with "cooler" kids, you were a flat leaver
-If person A hangs out with person B & C, and then person A leaves to hang out with person D & E, then person A is a Flat Leaver...
Person A: ::playing video games with person B & C::
::Enter person D & E::
Person D & E: Hello person A, come hang out with us
::Person A leaves person B & C to hang out with person D & E::
Person B & C: You're a Flat Leaver person A...
by blthrskt September 6, 2005
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a friend who leaves you when another friend comes along.
by sugadumps April 10, 2003
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When your counting on a friend to show up to meet you or do something with you and they don't show up or come through.
He's such a flat leaver he told me he was coming with us.
by Soni November 24, 2003
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Pretending to enjoy playing with a person then dropping that person as soon as another player walks in the room.
Flat Leaver
-If you are playing a game, lets say, ping pong, with your girl and you ditch her to play with "the guys", and you don't come back later to play with her, you are a "flat leaver".
by Charlie and Bobbie January 11, 2012
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Someone who leaves another person in a partnership because they got done with the task first.
"Joeh you are a flat leaver!!"
by Raymond Carlson February 15, 2017
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