Typical UPS driver that is too lazy to ring the doorbell for a home delivery, but somehow mysteriously (using ninja stealth skills) leaves a notice on the door without you noticing even though you were waiting right there for the entire day for that delivery.
"Man, I was supposed to received my new bun bun from Amazon.com today, but that lazy ninja got past the door and claimed he attempted delivery"
by FuzzyBB April 14, 2009
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when a lazy person waits until a another is sleeping to sneak in and try to have sex with them.
he waited until i was passed out on his couch and then snuck in and pulled the lazy ninja.
by groupie#1 September 22, 2006
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A modified version of the original Ninja - A sex position where a dildo and a Clapper are needed. With the lights off, proceed to have doggystyle sex with a woman then pull-out and stick the dildo in her so she thinks you are still in her. Then with two firm reverberant slaps on the buttocks, the lights will automatically turn on - then proceed to punch her in the face and yell, " I'M A LAZY NINJA!!!".
This is good for all ages - no need to search for the light switch.
I broke my legs skiing in Killington this weekend yet, I was still able to perform The Lazy Ninja!
by The barn January 28, 2011
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A ninja edit that took too long to write (typically over one minute). In common with ninja edits, no confusion results from changed contents, but *edit star shows up, bringing with it uncertainty and dread.
Herp derp ah totally agree with the parent derp.
*(lazy ninja edit)
by a redditor November 28, 2010
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