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A girl who is extremly hot and has natural talents.
"omg she is a total layly"

"I wish I could be a layly"

to be a layly

I layleid myself
by its layly time! February 23, 2014
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Most beautiful, sweetest, competent, and most fantastic person you will ever meet. You don't meet a lot of Layly's, but when you do, take advantage of your opportunity. Not matter who you are, what you are, or how you act, Layly is definitely open to be friends with you. She is very intelligent. She is the girl that everyone cheats off of during the finals. Everyone trusts her and loves her so much. She is very loving, caring, compassionate, and all the boys are crazy over her. Even though all the boys are crazy over her, she will never ditch you for her boyfriend. If you ever meet a Layly, never let her go. She is unforgettable, like that French Montana song. I could go on and on forever about the beautiful, smart, caring, sweet girl named Layly, but I have to do homework. The key idea from this paragraph, is to never let go of Layly, and try to get to know her because she is worth knowing. Even if you don't know a Layly, find one. They're all incredible. beautiful, sweet, caring, intelligent, and of course, unforgettable. Also, she comments heart eyes on all of your Instagram pics.
"Hey, what's your name?"


"Oh my gosh, I heard all Layly's are sweet, intelligent, caring, beautiful, and unforgettable."

"Like that song from French Montana?"

"Oh yeahhhhh"

"Hey wanna be friends?"

by Hayden Schere October 30, 2017
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