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Laurell is an intelligent person with a body that has the curves that turns head, also extremely athletic. Usually a brunette with big beautiful brown eyes making her look exotic. She’s the girl that is Insecure about herself sometimes but every time she goes into public people turn heads because of how beautiful she is. And most people want to be her or be friends with her. All the guys want her. And she has the fattest ass of all the females out there. Has the pinkest sweetest pussy you could ever get. All around an amazing girl.
Guy: damn her pussy was so sweet and wet! Must be a laurell.
by James Brown 1326764 November 04, 2017
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Laurell Is A Person Who Comes With The Positive Energy. A Person Who Is Willing To Take Care Of Others, Laurell Is A Freak, Laurell Is Hot And Has Technique You Will Always Remember , He Has The Potential Of Anything And Very-SMARTASTIC.
Laurell You Are Nasty!
by JustinAnderson June 10, 2018
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