by AkaiLastname August 01, 2017
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A great song by Ariana Grande in which the music video is of her getting out of her car during a like comet explosion or something even though everyone tells her not to.
Mom: Billy stay in the car!
Billy: so ONE LAST TIMEEE! *runs out of car*
by SALERMI Man March 12, 2015
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The most annoying phrase a person can use to assert their know-it-all "knowledge."
Republican: It is immoral, and we shouldn't be funding it!

Democrat: It should only be a choice made by that person, not an authority! And by the way, we don't fund it...private donors fund it! What do you have to say about that?

Republican: Well, last time I checked, it is against the Bible and against the law!

Democrat: Oh, really? When WAS the last time you checked?

Republican: Awhile back when I was reading the...

Democrat: Awhile back, huh? Well you know what? What you read before 1973 doesn't matter anymore, because it is in fact NOT against the law, and the Bible holds no authority because of separation of church and state!

Republican: (speechless)
by JusLar April 08, 2011
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Made popular by the flirting fail of a forum member, this has quickly become an on-forum meme for several online communities and continues to thrive to date.
''When's the last time you came?''
''Last time I spoke to Clay, brah''
by Jinxieminx May 03, 2010
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A male version of: "when's the last time you had your period?"

Can be used in a situation when a guy gets moody because he hasn't jerked off or had sex in awhile. (AKA Man period)
Guy: Man,I'm so fucking pissed off right now!!!

Random person: dude,when's the last time you jerked off?
by ALL DAT ROM THO?! November 14, 2020
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The most interesting thing to say when someone asks for you to do something.
Melinda: So Craig, can you try to get people to sign this petition?

Craig: You know, I would love to help out, but the last time I did that, I ended up kissing a guy.


Cynthia: Vincent, I dare you to kiss me.

Vincent: But The Last Time I did that, I Ended Up Kissing a Guy.

Cynthia: .........
by NMguy January 14, 2012
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Said to somebody who has been beaten/pwned/-o'd so badly that they will never recover.
HA!! You just got p'wnd! BETTER LUCK LAST TIME!!
by Dr. Bomb December 09, 2010
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