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The action of taking a "lap" around the office to avoid the inevitable afternoon drowsiness. Usually involves stopping by the water cooler, copier, and various coworker offices or cubicles.

Laptime has a greater occurrence for those that stay up late, were partying last night, or those who ditched work in the morning to ski fresh powder.

Used by those that know the falling asleep on the keyboard can be hazardous to one's health due to short circuiting, and also to one's employment should the boss happen to saunter by.
Ricky: That's the third time Bobby has stopped by my office this afternoon.

Cal: Its laptime for him, again... He must have been out all night!!!
by TallGreg December 31, 2009
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A pun on 'nap time', except with one person catching Z's with their head in another person's lap.

Usually happens when watching a movie or somesuch and the relationship is comfortable/intimate enough to allow for the tired one to fall asleep in the other person's lap.
"I can barely concentrate on this flick anymore and I'm dead tired to boot. It's lap time."
by pewbz October 14, 2011
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The period of incorporating a nap whilst in the presence of a laptop. A nap which is the result of using the laptop is also referred to as laptime. The position and location of the laptop is negligible as long as the laptop is within the vacinity of the user.
"Jasmin was so tired, I found her during laptime after a hard days work."

"After a 4L of ice cream and surfing the internet, she often concludes her activities with a nightcap and succumbs to laptime."
by a.huynh March 07, 2007
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