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An individual who is tall and skinny, with long limbs severly out of proportion to the rest of their body. Coordination is skewed, making them look somewhat retarded infront of other people. Often the personality of the individual is similarly skewed, for example believing they know everything within the universe. Other traits of "lanksterism" include stealing peoples food, bitching about all of their friends behind their backs, holding grudges, and in a general sense being total wierd compared to the rest of society.
Hamish is such a lankster, I bet he could tie himself up with his arms.

Bec is so fucked up, she keeps stealing peoples food! Her voice is so annoying it makes me want to kill myself. Fucking lanky ho
by nessie June 14, 2003
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Sri Lankan Gangster : Mainlly started in Canada in 1970's due large no of srilankan(Tamil) refuge community..2nd and 2rd generation srilankans in canada start acting like wanna be gangsters so they come across this word to discribe them.
1st white boi: hey dude"who are those brown basteds acting like gangsters...looks like all curries

2nd white boi:nah man they call lanksters..
by kaaz98 November 03, 2010
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