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lanie is a smart and beautiful girl.she is always there for anyone no matter how special they are to her. when she loves she loves hard so don't hurt her bc she is very emotional.even if your mean to her she will never be like that to you.she is the one girl you can count on for anything...she a great girlfriend/bestfriend/sister....anyone would be very lucky to have her.
wow i want that lanie...
by Lanieeee December 11, 2016
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The most pretty girl in the world. She is very smart. Likes to play sports. Loves the heat. She also loves her friends. She very kind and respectful.
I want to be friends with Lanie
by A person with good ideas November 15, 2016
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She's a petite but foxy lady who has it all. Called short, but she is very cute in Character and personality. Smart, the kind of smart that people would wish they had one day. Sadly, once you hurt her, you better go get baptized and follow the Christian faith, because she will ignore and torture the hell out of you if you continue life seeing her every day. Also will act very hurt and won't care how you feel, even if you are suffering from being bullied. Otherwise a girly Mexican who if you treat her will love, will return that love. Better stay on task because in all you do wrong and are aware, will make a bad impression on both you and her. Stay on her good side and you will keep her around you. Don't lose faith in your competitive side and will to succeed better than others, it will satisfy her and put her to shame with your hard work.
Lanie was a girl blooming with brightness until I came across her bad side, which unknowingly penetrated a bullet wound into her.
by ChristianQueen May 10, 2018
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