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lanie is a smart and beautiful girl.she is always there for anyone no matter how special they are to her. when she loves she loves hard so don't hurt her bc she is very emotional.even if your mean to her she will never be like that to you.she is the one girl you can count on for anything...she a great girlfriend/bestfriend/sister....anyone would be very lucky to have her.
wow i want that lanie...
by Lanieeee December 11, 2016
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The most pretty girl in the world. She is very smart. Likes to play sports. Loves the heat. She also loves her friends. She very kind and respectful.
I want to be friends with Lanie
by A person with good ideas November 15, 2016
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Holy hell this girl is amazing, the nicest most heart felt person in the world. She cares so much about others and what she can do for each and every person in her life, she doesn't have time for herself. Selfless, loving, gorgeous, Christlike, smart, funny, cozy, cute, SO CUTE. She loves when you talk about her and when you show her off. Shes got a nice peach and curves like a snake road. Brown eyes that are breathtaking and cheeks that are pillows to smoosh. You really gotta be funny to make her laugh, so getting that laugh out is big. A strong but childish sense of humor, that will make you cringe sometimes, but in the end you realize its lanie and that's her. Her work ethic is insane, to have her as an employee underneath you is nothing short of a blessing. Appreciate her and tell her how much she means to you, cause she needs that type of stuff to live. Hugs are her favorite, she could use a couple a day. She gives, that's another thing, she loves to give and nothing makes her happier than her seeing a smile on your face after reciveing a gift from her. Her presence is a ray of sunshine, and you will lose your thoughts whenever you see that face. Lanies a mind boggler.
Guy: hey where's Lanie been?
Girl: oh shes outta town why?
Guy: oh never mind
Girl: ohhhhh you like her?
Guy: noooooo, I was just wondering
by Yeahumhi October 19, 2018
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well let’s just take a moment to recognize who or what a lanie is the def of a lanie is so so so beyond hard to explain first she is litterally a god at fortnite like no one can beat her~she also is rlly good at screaming....i think....she also wears clothes on the daily but that’s just a lanie type of thing ig🤷🏻 ♀️
person 1: do you see that girl? i think she is wearing clothes

person 2: yea that’s lanie...she usually is🤷🏻 ♀️
by taylor.x February 09, 2019
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