Lake Bluff is a small suburban town near Chicago. One of its neighbors is Lake Forest. Both Lake Bluff and Lake Forest are known for their wealth; most of the people there are upper middle class or upper class. Lake Bluff students go to high school in Lake Forest.
Lake Bluff is a small, quiet, beautiful town right next to Lake Forest.
by ejlkafldkaj October 11, 2006
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Lake bluff is known to be one of the coolest places to live ever. It doesn't have the troubles of being called poor in Lake Forest for not owning a Porsch. But it isn't a trashy town where people get shot like North Chicago. It is a calm small town right on the beach where it is safe.
LAKE BLUFF RULES and everyone knows it!
by D dog May 18, 2006
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A rich ass town full of hype beasts (who ACTUALLY own Yeezys) and ultra preppy douches. Be prepared to see every guy in Vineyard Vines and khakis, and every girl in Lululemon or Brandy Melville. Honestly the only good part is the parties. The houses are huge and the weed is banging.
I'm so glad I moved away from Lake Bluff.
by wtfareyoudoingwithyourlife December 14, 2018
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It is a wannabe Lake Forest. Nobody knows if Knollwood is its own town or a part of Lake Bluff. Suzy Swirls is nice I guess?

They think their beach is better than Lake Forest’s but is 1/3 of the size...
Lake Forester: Do you want to meet at Starbucks?

Lake Bluffer: No, Bluffingtons.
by North shore brat June 15, 2021
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