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The coolest fucking place ever. Normally called the "ghetto" of Lake Forest and Lake Bluff, the people there are commonly refered to as white trash. This, however, is a mild misconception. The wonderful people of Knollwood are the ones who make money off the rich assholes of Lake Forest. Lake Forest is commonly misconcieved as a dry town, but mostly every child in Lake Forest drinks, and more than 75% of the students who attend LFHS smoke the ganj. Lake Forest is a key place for Knollwood because the people of Knollwood can buy bags for cheap and sell them highly overpriced to the rich douchebags of Lake Forest.

Knollwood has a McDonalds, Scooters, Quiznos, Subway, and Domonicks. McDonalds is a very popular hang out for kids who have nothing better to do.

A Knollwoodian is commonly refered to as white trash, as stated before, and a rough-housian. This is because the Lake Forest kids are pussies and dont know how to fight. Knollwood is the greatest place ever and anyone got anything to say about it say it to our face you damn pussy.
-LF KID: Knollwoods just one giant trailer park.
KW KID: Shut the fuck up douchebag.
LF KID: Yes sir.
-yo man, lets go hit up dat mickey d's in k-wood, im bored as fuck.
-LF KID: Did you see that young man just engage in violence with that unsuspecting Lake Forest Kid?
LF KID 2: Yes, I saw that. He must be from Knollwood.
KW KID: you bitches got somethin to say to me?
LF KID 1+2: No sir.
by kwoodballa January 05, 2007
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