A sexy girl, usually with blond hair. She is smart and funny, and is super nice to almost everyone she meets. A Lagoona is super hot, and attracts lots of boys. She's not normally catty or gets into fights, unless you get on her bad side. A hardworking girl, but she also had lots of free time to socialize or spend with friends. If you ever see a Lagoona be sure to befriend her. There aren't too many Lagoonas out there.
"Did you see that sexy girl over there?"

"Yeah, she's so hot! She's in my math class. She's so smart and funny!"

"Dude, that's definitely a Lagoona."
by Goodfairyperson October 3, 2017
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The famale version of swamp nuts when referring to someones genitals sweating profusely.
The climate controlled seats in these new cars solve my lagoona vagina
by 20BADASS06 March 17, 2021
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