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Born Louise Amanda Harman. 21 year old british MC. grew up in Wembley, London. classifys herself as Biggest Midget In the game. Very Original Lyrics. signed to def jam. genres such as Grime, Hip Hop, UK garage, Rap. personaly i think she is awsome
"smoking kills and so do my lyrics"
-Lady Sovereign
"People want to classify me as an Eminem
What hear what im a different kind of specimen
Just because I be a white Caucasian
Doesn’t mean me and him are the same because
One im not American
Two im not a man
Three I come into with a different kind of plan"
-Lady Sovereign
by SOV fan May 13, 2007
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Lady Sovereign was born Louise Amanda Harman to Lynette Parsons and Aden Harman. She was raised in northwest London's Chalkhill Estate, a public housing project. She was influenced by her mother's Salt-N-Pepa albums and began writing her own raps at the age of 14.

She began uploading some of her songs and a picture to various music Web sites. Around this time Harman adopted the Lady Sovereign moniker, a reference to the large sovereign ring she wore.2 After dropping out of school she landed a job acting in an educational film about the life of an up-and-coming MC who also dropped out of Preston Manor High School at 16.

She convinced the film's producers that she could record a soundtrack for the film, the demos for which landed in the hands of record producer Medasyn. He partnered Sovereign with Frost P, Zuz Rock, and Shystie for a male vs. female MC freestyle contest, titled "The Battle". It was released in 2003 on Casual Records. Every artist that was featured on "The Battle" has gone on to be signed by a record label.

Personally, I think that Lady Sovereign is awesome!
"Love Me Or Hate Me" by Lady Sovereign

Love me or hate me it's still an obsession
Love me or hate me that is the question
If you love me then thank you
If you hate me then fuck you

"Sad Ass Stripper" by Lady Sovereign

I have come to fuck up your career
Bitch don't fuck arund with this titch yeah
I have come to really take the piss
And you will take this lyrical diss
by xJadexWilliamsx March 10, 2008
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Lady Sovereign, Lady Sov, Sov, or S.O.V.
(Or Louise ;D)

Sov is the cutest rapping 'midget' ever. Her face is gorgeous, her talking voice is cute, her rapping voice kicks ass and she can dish out wonderful lyrics.
"Make way for the S.O.V!"

"Biggest midget in the game!"

"Errbody in da club gettin tipsy"

Lady Sovereign is adorable but badass at the same time.
by Nikki.M April 18, 2009
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The "biggest midget in the game".
The cutest titch thats ever made music.
Amazing, young, white female MC
Signed by Jay-Z.
grime/hip hop/pop mix kinda thing.
"Im droppin lyrics like a hoe drop her knickers" -Lady Sovereign
"JLos got a batty, well you cant see mine coz i wear my trousers baggy"-Lady Sovereign
im gunna turn lady sov into a lesbian and marry her.
by InanaKaya August 09, 2006
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Self-titled as "the biggest midget in the gang", Lady Sovereign (aka Louise Amanda Harman) is a female MC raised in Wembley, London. She has taken both the UK and United States by storm with her high-original sound, witty lyrics, and has been applauded by rap kings and queens such as Jay-Z and Missy Misdemeanor Elliot.

Some claim Lady Sovereign may be one of the greatest rappers of her generation.
"Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession..."- Lady Sovereign

"Make way for the S-O-V!"
by Alice the Destroyer of Worlds February 12, 2008
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Lady Sovereign is a UK "Grime" artist. As many who have seen her and/or heard her music, her target listeners are chavs and her lyrics represent this with such memorable lines such as:
"You was staring at me like to say i was ginger"
And who can forget:
"I was dishing out out the same dirty looks trust me your the minger"

Aside from these mindblowingly thoughtful lyrics, her background is as to be expected. Born in 1987, she was raised in the ChalkHill Estates, a set of Council House flats. As for qualifications, she is significantly lacking...any.
A fine selection of Lyrics from Lady Sovereign's song "Sad Ass Stripah"

You was born in a caravan,
That don't make you ghetto
I seen more ghetto in posh spice's stelleto
You chat like a blonde but i swear your a brunette
When's your carrer endin'?


Jenny from da block more like jenny from a flock of pidgeons
What class A drug did they put in it?
Chicken- all spazin out in the video like you're trippin'
Incase your mum gave birth while she was strippin'
Shuka Shake, shake the brake your hips and fall out of your caravan right into a ditch, bitch!
by SnipaMasta May 04, 2006
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A grubby little rapper (or whatever) who is always on my tv. She appears to have a bad attitude and a lot of teen sass, but I'd still like to see her on the end of my dick.
oooooooooo 'oddie, hoodie, ooooooddie, 'oddie woodie blah blah something something - lady sovereign
by Sconz July 17, 2006
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