A woman who watches while her husband has sex with interns and porn stars.
Donald said, "I want to be president some day."
Ivanka replied, "I want to be your first lady of the United States Daddy"
Donald answered, "That would illegal, but you can watch me bang interns and porn stars too."
by Nutzen YerMouf March 11, 2018
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During intercourse the male will at all costs make his female partner cum before him even if it takes several hours!!!
Man#1: My girlfriend's mad at me for cuming before her.

Man#2: Dude ladies always cum first.
by ]|[ T-GAW February 15, 2011
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motivating and praying with your mother, grandmother, and wifey, at the beginning of each day before anyone else.
The First Ladies First messaging was started by the nation’s most historical figure Jordan Thomas Cooper.
by Coop Dupe May 30, 2018
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