Spanish for your mom

Specifically, in the insult form. "Your mom", literally, would be "tu mama", but "la tuya" carries the same sense of insult as "yo momma" in english.
La tuya, bitch

Don't you talk about my momma!
by Afakaz October 30, 2003
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It's more like a slightly ruder "same to you, buddy" with a slight "your momma" connotation
In La Paz, a rude driver honks and gives you the finger. Your response might be a shouting out of "la tuya!!"
by gloria21 June 07, 2010
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The word that I will use when you talk shot about something that’s mine ( it’s kinda saying no u)
Boy: Hey your mom is so stupid and ugly! Hahah
Me: La tuya
by @urmum July 31, 2019
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Yours, just in case..

Usually a reply when someone bully you in a foreign language which you don’t understand, but pretty sure that its something bad. Often used in internet when someone makes a point that is insulting and nonsensical at the same time.
Miguel: hijo de puta (Your mom is a hoe)
Bob: La tuya por si acaso (Yours, just in case)
Noob: Urban Dictionary is bad for kids
Grandpa: La tuya por si acaso
by BabaRay July 11, 2021
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